"Wise people speak b/c they have something to say. Fools speak b/c they have to say something"
"If you find someone who makes you smile, who checks up on you often to see if you’re okay. Who watches out for you and wants the best for you. Who loves and respects you. Don’t let them go. People like that are hard to find."
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Letter to you……

I hate you. I swear to god I hate every fucking part of you. Your evil and amazing all at the same time. You’ve managed to change me into something I don’t even know. You entered my life without a warning and decided you liked it here so you would get comfortable. You didn’t even have the balls to ask me if you could get cozy and stay. It’s not like I would have said no when you first popped up. I probably would’ve simply told you this is the wrong time just come back a little later. But instead you decided to stay at the wrong time and now I’m going through hell because of it. I cant eat, can’t sleep, I can’t go a single fucking day without of thinking about it and its all your fucking fault. How is it you manage to bring the greatest happiness yet can turn around and bring the worst type of pain. I don’t understand how you can be so double sided. I wish I never met you. I wish you never fucked with me. Every part of my soul despises the fuck out of you. At the same time I’m happy you were here. I’ve never been so happy in my life until you entered it. I was shown to a whole different world because of you and it was the greatest thing. There aren’t enough words in the human dictionary to describe how amazing you were. I just don’t understand why you decided to show up at the time you did. To appear with in the situation you did. The passion you bring out of me is something I was unaware was inside of me. I once had a tight handle on every emotion I could possess and in the blink of an eye I lost all control of them because of you. Everything I said I was not, I became. You put my insecurities on the line, you tested my mental strengths and I failed, you made me feel vulnerable, you stripped me of every defense mechanism I knew and left me naked and stranded to fiend for myself.  You threw me to the wolves and I was nearly tore completely apart. I’ve managed to find a hiding spot among the wild and slowly put myself back together, no thanks to you. One day I may meet you again, in a different situation, and I may know how to properly live with you. As it stands right now you are no longer welcomed in my life. Love, you are nothing more than an enemy at this point.


What is perfection?

They say there is no such thing as “perfection.” The world is constantly evolving and “perfection” changes daily, hourly, nearly every minute. But, what if time has slowed down and I have found true perfection? What if the moment I met her time became irrelevant the evolution of perfection became still. There is no longer a need for the evolution because everything is as it should be and not one single thing is not how it should be. From her beautiful smile to her juicy lips. Every inch of her thickness. Her plump thighs to her “squishy.” The way her hips sway when she walks. How her lips feel against mine. The way they feel so amazing the moment they touch my body. The way she feels on body. The way she sexes me better than anyone has ever thought to. Her sense of humor. The way we can talk for hours about any and everything. The way she puts a smile on my face effortlessly . The way I can be myself and judgement is no where to be found. Nothing can change my view, perfection is she and nothing short of amazing.

Wait…What’s Happening pt. 1 

 I love females. God knows I love a gorgeous woman. A woman who walks with a confident walk and you can tell she knows what she wants in life turns me completely on. I thought I knew what the perfect example of what a confident woman was until I met this female who turned my life upside down.

  I was at work one day just stocking the sales floor doing what a young goon does best and this beautiful woman came into my view. God blessed her with a beautiful face and body. I could tell she was mixed but I couldn’t narrow it down to what. She had beautiful hazel eyes and low flowing wavy hair. Either baby jesus loves her or she had some of the best weave I have ever seen on a female. Her lips looked so plump I could picture myself sucking on them for hours. From a distance she look like she stood about a good 5’ 9” maybe even taller. The business suit she had on stopped from showing her body but her what I could tell she had an amazing body. She walked through my store like she owned it and no one could tell her she didn’t look good. I was about to walk up and make conversation with her until this dick head nigga at my job got to her first. I wanted to see how the interaction went so I continued stocking while listening to their conversation. As soon as she opened her mouth to speak I thought I was in heaven. She had a small southern accent. Everyone knows I have a weak spot for a female with an accent. The fuck dude attempted to flirt with her as he helped her figure out what kind of phone case would best fit for her Android. I saw the flirting wasn’t getting him anywhere so I was about to just go to the back until she said something that caught my ear. She looked him dead in the face and told him “your cute sweety but you’re not my type. I like someone who can give me a challenge and a man just isn’t it.” As she finished the statement she licked her juicy lips, smiled at me, and took her things and left the store. 

  I thought I would never see that woman again after that day until she randomly walked into my store yet again. I was walking on the floor looking for someone and when I turned my head there she was walking through the door looking beautiful as ever. I knew I had to talk to her this time. I forgot what I was looking for and made my way over to her, she kept her designer shades on and smiled as I walked towards her. Before I could make my way to the other side of the store the same dick head greeted her and started to help her. I promise to the lord above this nigga was getting on my last nerve. I don’t understand what it is with men and constantly trying to go after a female who has clearly stated they’re not interested. I just shook my head and watched from a far. After a while of seeing dude struggle someone else in the store walked over and helped him and I just went back to the back. I took my work shirt off and left the store to go find something to eat. One of the perks of working in a mall is getting discounted food in the restaurants and food court. As I walked up to Which Wich to get a sandwich I saw the woman from the store. She was standing in line at Snappy Salads waiting to being helped. I said fuck this not speaking her, I walked up to her and the first thing I could muster out of my mouth was “I have been trying to tell you how gorgeous you are for the past month.” She giggled and replied “I was waiting what took you so long.” We sat together and made small talk. She ended up giving me her number and we stayed in contact after that day. 

  Time passed by as we got to know each other over the months. Our relationship stayed as a friendship though I tried to make it so much more. She was 32 and I just recently turned 21 myself. The age factor damn near killed my chances but I refused to let that one thing stop me from getting the greatest woman I had ever known. After nearly 6 months of flirting and a close close close friendship I felt I was really getting no where. One weekend I decided we both needed a get away so I got a hotel room by the beach with a wonderful view. We went to beach the first night there and I was amazed by the view in front of my eyes. I had never seen her body out of some tight clothes but as soon as we go to the water she dropped the towel she had wrapped around her body. She was thick as a candy bar, her titties were the perfect example of perky, her thighs were perfectly shaped and her ass was perfect. It took everything I had not to drool. She must have noticed I was watching her because she smiled at me and got into the water. After a while we went back to where our towels where chilling on the beach. We just chilled and talked like we usually did. Something was different though, the more she talked the more I couldn’t stop myself from staring into her beautiful hazel eyes. She stopped in the middle of her sentence and asked me what was wrong and all I could do was kiss her juicy lips. She seemed shocked but she didn’t stop me. I told her to grab her towel and I lead her back to the hotel room. I told her to take her shower and I would take mine after hers. She took forever and a day in the bathroom , I finally got my chance and just hopped in and hopped out. I exited the bathroom and saw the greatest thing that my eyes had ever laid on. My jaw dropped I was so speechless.

   She was laying on the bed with nothing but a matching bra and pantie set on. She had music playing in the background and couple candles lit. I couldn’t even get my body to move I was so shocked. She bit her lip and did the come hither motion with her index finger. Somehow I managed to snap back to reality and took myself over to her. She smiled and said “you act like you’ve never seen a near naked woman before.” I climbed ontop of her and replied ” I have never seen a woman as beautiful as you before” and started to kiss her. As I was kissing and sucking on her lips I knew in my head exactly how I was about to fuck her brains out. But before I could I could get the words out my mouth she flipped me over and tied my hands to the headboard. She smirked , yanked my clothes off and said “Im about to have so much fun with your body.” I looked at her like she was crazy. After all I’m the dominant one and I never had a woman really take over in the bedroom. I guess she could sense what I was thinking because she moved closer to my face, smiled, and whispered in my ear “It’s ok I know you’ve never been fucked the way you should have been.” As the words escaped her lips her fingers were separating my lips and sliding inside of me. I couldn’t do anything but let out low grunt. She pushed her fingers deeper and deeper into me as she whispered shit in to my ear. I tried to fight but the more I tried to fight the harder her fingers went into me. I tightened my walls around her finger and told her “you’re not going to take over me that easy.” She smirked , licked my neck then bit it hard as fuck. I let out a loud grunt and she started to push her fingers harder and faster in me. She looked me dead in the eyes and told me “this is my pussy and I’m about to fuck you like no bitch has ever fucked you” as her fingers penetrated me hard and deep.

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